DJ Choka ft Deddy, Mrap, Mabeste, Gosby - LATINO NATION [Audio]

Hello Friends

It’s that crazy time where Bhitz whizz kidz met again and cooked a mad track specific for you. Just some boring ordinary weekend, Bhitz Kenya and Bhitz Tz met in Dar Es Salaam for a chill session, but their minds at work they came up with LATINO NATION. Randy and Pancho started from the bottom with the beat, Hermy came up with the chorus, then the army (Mrap, Mabeste, Deddy and Gosby) was unleashed to do their thang.

It took 12 hrz, bad food, mosquitoes, dehydration and they were finally here where Hermy came up with these amazing synth sounds as additionalz for the final mix and Pancho wasn’t done with his pianos...but they haaaaad to try Elastic Audio Efficiency, it was too tempting but as I said before sounds amazing and daring, like they can do whatever they want.

Question remains WHAT IS LATINO NATION???

Artist:  Dj Choka ft. Deddy, M-Rap, Mabeste n Gosby.

Written By:Hermy B, M-Rap, Gosby, Mabeste n Deddy

Created and Composed by: Pancho latino, Robert Randall (Randy) & Hermy B

Produced, Recorded, Engineered By: Pancho Latino, Randy & Hermy B

Mixed and Mastered By: Hermy B At B’Hits Studio 4, Dar es Salaam.

All rights Reserved Under Copyright And Neighboring Right Act, only for personal entertainment, not for sale or public performance.

Hermy B, Robert Randall, Pancho Latino, Dj Choka, Gosby, M- RAp Mabeste and Deddy appears courtesy of B’Hits Music Group Located In Dar es Salaam Tanzania.

DJ Choka FT. M-Rap,Gosby, MABESTE n Deddy – Latino Nation (Produced by Pancho Latino, Randy n Hermy B, Mixed and Engineered n Mastered By Hermy B)

Hope Ya’ll going to have fun.

Life’s Too Short…Make The most of it. 

Hermes B. Joachim Lyimo (Hermy B)

CEO Bhitz Music Group Ltd.

+255 785 513512

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